Reopening 12noon (BST) on 19th April 2014.

Update 13/04/2014. Due to recent events and further discussions it has now been decided that tykestv will NOT be reopening as a streaming site. TykesTV will re-launch as a sports news, discussion and community site. My apologies to anyone that was lucking forward to the streams again but it has now been decided to move tykestv away from streaming. I am informed TykesTV was as much of a community as it was a streaming site so i will be creating the site with this in mind.

Tykestv is currently undergoing major changes, the site has now been transferred over to me but i am redesigning and making alot of changes to the site which i believe will be better for this site so unfortuntely the site must remain closed for the next 2 weeks. Lots of new great things to come. I will provide some more information next week on whats to come.

~Ganjasaurus (New admin of TykesTV) 4/4/14